Friday, May 29, 2009

General Update

Elsa and Josh are napping, but I wouldn't suppose for too much longer. I've been home from work now for about an hour and a half. I've been surfing the internet and making a to-do list. I'm all about lists. I made a big list today of activites that Elsa and I could do, but when I went to put them on the calender here at home, we had quite a few conflicts with other activities. Oh well, there will be more to do in the weeks ahead.

I tripped on the sidewalk during one of my dog walks today. I scraped my knee up pretty bad. Bummer. UGH, I just heard the cat wretching again and I ran to catch him and toss him into the kitchen. I don't know what his problem is. At first, we thought it was hairballs, then we figured it was his food. He did fine for awhile and now he's all pukey again. And of course he only pukes on the carpet, never on the tile. I have trouble feeling sorry for him when I have to clean up puke all the time. I suppose if he doesn't stop in another day or so, I'm going to have to take him to the vet.

In other news, I'm glad the weekend is here, even though I still have four petsits to do each day. They are easy dogs and they live close so it's not a hassle. Well, the getting up early in the morning will be a hassle. Oh look, here is pukey cat walking into the office making a face at me because I tossed him mid-vomit. Well excuuuuuse me. lol

Last Day To Vote

Today is the final day to vote in Christy's Craft Challenge! What makes it extra special this month? A prize pack of handmade goodies from our own LNKHandmade Team!!