Sunday, January 25, 2009 January Craft Challenge Reminders January Craft Challenge Reminders

Geography Jane, originally uploaded by Chimera Creation.

This is my entry into Christy's Craft Challenge! As Christy puts it in her blog- Materials to be used for the challenge:

green paper
rubber bands
embroidery floss

You must use at least a little bit of each of the supplies provided. Other than that, you are pretty much free to create whatever you want!

So that's what I did! It was hard to decide what to make, I had quite a few ideas rolling around in my noggin. I decided to make a doll type thing, but even that took some narrowing down. In the end I made Geography Jane, her body is hand sewn, I crocheted her legs and eyelashes and her hair is differently dyed shades of wool and alpaca out of my spinning stash. She has brad and paper earrings. This was a lot of fun and I've already purchased next month's craft challenge so I can do it again!

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refibered said...

Totally cute!! I love the name "Geography Jane"

Is a comment on a blog called an "emention"? Gotta love word verification.