Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smell Me

So yesterday I was working a booth at the Home and Garden show. It's a booth involving pet products. Caddy corner from us is a bee booth with bee products- honey, beeswax lotion, etc. So anyways, as people walk by I ask if they have a pet at home, so as to acertain if they would be interested in any of our products or services. Cut to scene:
This lady in red is walking down the corridor towards my booth, but she is across the way, stuck in a throng of people. The event was very busy. She makes purposeful eye contact with me and my booth and struggles to get through the people to talk to me. I assume by her delighted look that she must be an animal lover, so as she approaches I ask, "Do you have a dog at home?" With wide eyes she holds up her hand and says, "Smell my hand!" Me, taken aback, smells her hand, thinking the answer to my question must lie in the odor of her fingers. Did her hand smell like dog or something? Nope. Flowers. She exclaims, "Doesn't that smell SOOO good?" I nod dumbly as she walks away.
She didn't even have a pet, she wanted me to smell the beeswax lotion on her hand. Who approaches a stranger working a booth just to have their hand smelled? What a wierdo.


Doris Sturm said...

Not only that, but singles you out and struggles to get to you as if...strange indeed, yet funny!

Maybe you looked like someone who cared ;-)

Meagan said...

I was at a homeshow last weekend with the girls from work - no one asked me to smell them.