Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Right Now

Just another random very early morning blog post. (Mind dump?)

  • Breaking news- the zoo opens today! Josh and I both have to work- me in the am, he in the pm, so I'm not sure if we're going to go. I may take Elsa this afternoon while he's at work, or may wait until tomorrow morning when we can all go together.
  • I'm drinking my instant coffee with Caribbean cinnamon creamer. It's the Caribbean that makes all the difference.
  • I'm busy reading self help books and crocheting lately. Books on finance and spirituality and parenting. I don't want to reveal the titles, less you try to steal my self-help kung fu.
  • I have to leave for work in a half hour.
  • We finally (and by we, I mean Josh and his dad) got Elsa's swing set gigantic thing set up yesterday. She loves it, I told her it was her own park. It has a slide and three swings. I can't wait until the weather turns nice for good and we can put some flower pots on it and maybe some pinwheels and wind chimes. Really decorate it up for her this summer.
  • I am out of coffee so I am just going to go now.


Christy said...

self help kung fu


Deb said...

Lisa- you are a hoot! So glad to have met you IRL last night! ;)