Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Art and Cameras

Well I broke my camera a day or two ago. It was a PowerShot A520. I had gotten some moisture on the lens and I was pushing on it, wiping it off and I pushed it in a little (it was zoomed out) now it is stuck, and from what I hear, trash. SOOO, I'm thinking of upgrading slightly, going with a Powershot 570. It's not too expensive- under $200 and I was pretty happy with the Canon I just broke, so I think I'll just get another one.
In other news- I have made some great digital art that I'm thinking of trying to sell on So far I have made 4 collages. I also have some photographs I have taken that I might list. Right now I am ordering some test prints to help me decide where I want to get them printed at.

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Artyfax said...

Just checked out your photos in Etsy, they are really great. Will definitely have to try and use my camera for more than holiday snapshots. I think I have been well and truly inspired. Thanks