Friday, February 1, 2008

Artist's Passion

"and now she feels the passion that an artist feels when she/he truly discovers what they are meant to be doing." from

This quote from ravenx's blog really struck me. I do a lot of different types of 'arts and crafts' from crochet, to painting to photography. I enjoy doing them all, and depending on the day, I think I feel the 'passion' at different levels for different things. Sometimes I wonder if one day I will try a new art or craft and it will just blow all the others out of the water. But as it is, I only do things I enjoy.

I wonder how many artists go through art/craft after art/craft before they discover 'the one'. I'm sure most try a lot of things, because if you just have that creative urge in you, most likely you will seek more than one outlet for it.


Jennifer said...

That is a great quote! I'm no Picasso or anything but most days I just feel possessed to paint and create. It even wakes me up at night! Great blog. Keep it coming.
Jen (love the kitties too:)

Artyfax said...

I am taking a copy of that quote!

What you say is so relevant to me at the moment. I am enjoying so many different art/craft techniques and perhaps feel that I am striving for something which could really give me something to be passionate about.