Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy Spring

It's been busy and it will be busy. Saturday was a full day with work, crafting and Twilight at Amy's. I didn't stay to watch all of the movie, because I couldn't stand the look on 'Bella's face. I just wanted to smack her. Here she is, supposedly madly in love and full of passion for this guy and she never wipes that gaping yet sarcastic smirk off of her face. Blech! What made the books such a good read (it wasn't the author's literary skill) was how well she conveyed/tapped into that primal chemical emotion of passion. The characters themselves were okay, but, at least for me, she had me identifying with the drunk addictive emotion that the beginning stages of loving are filled with.
Anyway, I didn't mean to get into a big book or movie review- that was just my Saturday. Sunday was more work, including some housework. I have some type of clutter magnet in my house (or I'm extremely lazy) and it just makes me depressed. So every few days I make a half-hearted swipe at things, trying to get my crap together. Someday...maybe it will stay.
Monday is more work, then a meeting with a photographer, and maybe some movie watching. Or maybe tv. Does Intervention come on Mondays or Tuesdays? I can never remember.
In other news, I'm enjoying some major bud action around the yard. The bush lilac bush outside my window is actually getting some tiny leaves, it's a step up from bud stage. I'm totally excited for Spring. All of our trees in the back yard are flowering type trees, so they totally rock in Spring.

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