Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Am I Excited About?

Well of course I am excited about the huge giveaway week Lincoln Handmade team is having! I am featured tomorrow, so make SURE you come back here and enter for a fab prize!
What else has me feelin it? Well, I was browsing the recently listed items on etsy (towards the bottom of the home page, really, I love this feature) when I saw what appeared to be a large mitten or a oven mitt resting on a computer keyboard. Intruiged and wondering why those two items were together, I clicked! What did I find? A MOUSE MITT!

Seriously, this may not be big news to anyone else, but I thought I was the ONLY person who got 'cold mouse hand' and here was this awesome etsian making a product specifically for my affliction! I was just so surprised, I wrote write away telling them what a great idea they had and asking if I could tell a few more people about it here in my blog. They said yes, so here you go, new product alert from little old me.
P.S. Haha! Check out their WELCOME BACK KOTTER Dolls/Action Figures. Too awesome! And they have a new blog- http://www.baddoggiesblog.blogspot.com/

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