Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Moving, But That's Okay

It turns out it's just going to be too much drama to move. Th expenses and the hassle were overwhelming. So, we need to make a better go of it at the current abode. Step one was reorganizing my office/studio. That's pretty much done and I feel SO SO much better. I will be taking photos soon to share my space with everyone. Step one-b is to get the rest of the house organized/super cleaned. We have not adjusted to having a tornado toddler yet. It seems like no matter how much we clean, she is always right behind us, tossing everything back out again. This too shall pass, right? I have to admit, I'm totally messy too. I'm trying to be better, though, because it is such a stress reliever to have a clean house and to have everything in its place.

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Gallery Juana said...

Good luck with making it work out where you are now. We are doing the same. Eventually, we will have to move, but we are pitching camp as long as we can.

Cute pics of your cats!