Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great Tips, Great Interview

Q. Being a SAHM, what are the financial goals for your etsy store? (To help support your family? To just support your craft? Etc.)
A. My financial goals for my Etsy shop are to help support our family. My husband is a home builder and I also help him out when needed.

Q. Do your children help at all in your crafting or etsy store? If they aren't old enough, do you plan on having them help when they are older?
A. Sometimes, my 3 year old, likes to help me with packaging. He loves to put the packing peanuts in the bubble mailers for me. So, I have appointed him my shipping manager. My 5 year old, is not really into helping me, because he has an engineering brain(like his daddy) so he tries to engineer some sort of contraption to speed up the process. I get really scared when I hear him needing a pneumatic nail gun and blow torch. lol!

Q. Do you have any tips for balancing children with an at-home job?
A. That is tough for me to answer. Some days, I can accomplish everything I need to do. Some days, not so much. When I worked in the corporate world I had a legal size notepad on my desk at all times with my to-do list. I was very organized. Now, I am the complete opposite. I am working really hard to get this house organized & get my studio organized. Just the amount of organization I have done in the last month has helped tremendously. So, I guess my tip would be getting organized, if you are not. A few months ago, I found a really great blog. She has some really cool to-do lists, grocery lists and home management tips. They are available here: I have fallen in love with her blog. Check it out if you haven't.

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