Monday, October 6, 2008

Cookies and Sawing

Read on about LynetteFast!
1. I see from your shop that you work with a variety of mediums/techniques. What is your favorite and why?
For some reason, sometimes I like to saw. I think it takes my frustrations away. My favorite work it to find really nice stones and use them. It's fun to see the potential in a stone and then make that beauty happen for people to wear. I've always enjoyed seeing the potential in things, even my students at school.

2. What is your favorite dish to cook at home? If you use a recipe, share it!
Now that my every waking extra minute is spent teaching or making jewelry, it's probably Pillsbury cookie dough. Luckily, it makes great cookies and I can fool everyone!

3. What are your goals for your etsy shop and what are some of the main ways you are working to acheive them?
My ETSY shop has become my online connection. I had a website for a couple of years, out there in cyberspace all by myself. It is so much fun to be included with other people who think like me. I like it for the connections it forms. I continue to make connections. I've joined a few ETSY social networking venues called Flickr, LNK Handmade Team, and We Love Etsy to continue making those connections. I'm always open to ideas to traffic more people to my website.


kim* said...

i do like that she has a lot of different items in her shop

Friendlyhands said...

Your shop is great. Being a teacher means you have to be creative with limited supplies and funds....Good for you!!!!!