Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Face it, I'm Whimsical

In my head are dreams of sophisticated felted jewelry, expensive crocheted necklettes in muted tones, luxe toys for rich children... My title font is fancy, my colors are cutting edge in a modern tone on tone way...
But no, I just can't acheive that because I don't think that way in real life. When I'm crafting something, I reach for the glittery purple yarn, not the cream merino wool yarn. When my crochet hook weaves in and out, it makes a jellyfish of four crazy colors, not an organic bamboo yarn scarf.
Harumph! Face it, I'm whimiscal. And I guess that's okay, because that's me, and that's what I enjoy making.


aksarbenlove said...

Oh hi!!!


kristal @

Aaron said...

Your stuff is rad! any chance you make catnip toys? My spoiled lil' meow-bags would love your stuff!

The Little Illustrator said...

looooving the hedgies!!!