Monday, October 13, 2008

SERIOUS crafting!

This is from our recent Lincoln Handmade meeting! They are SO much fun to go to. Today we were working on banners to display when we do craft shows together. Everyone is so creative and I got some great ideas for other craft projects while I was there. I wish we could meet every week!
See more photos @ Lincoln Handmade Flickr Group!


Aaron said...

that is SERIOUS crafting, you have the look of concentration a racecar driver or SWAT sniper might have during their work!

aksarbenlove said...

The Omaha group has a meeting this weekend. I will make a post about it, so you can see how cute they all are. :D

Also, I tagged you on my blog. Go see!



refibered said...

Love the idea to meet more often! Let's consider and discuss that some more. I am always *way* more creative after our etsy meetings.