Tuesday, November 25, 2008

House N Fringe

I'm not a big tv watcher. I watch maybe one movie from netflix a week and that's about it. But every season, I end up watching a 'night' of tv. I was watching Hell's Kitchen and whatever came on with that for awhile. One season I watched American Idol. For awhile I was watching the Sunday night cartoon line up on Fox. Now, though, I think I'm officially watching 'House' and 'Fringe' on Tuesday nights. It's not that they are the worlds best shows (personally, I liked Alias better than Fringe), but they just happen to be what I've become caught up in. So...tonight is TV night.


refibered said...

I <3 House! We dvr certain shows, and seldom just catch something and get involved with it.

I'll be watching House tomorrow evening while J and tyke are doing Turkey Day prep!

Amy said...

House is awesome.