Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spinning The Week Away

I keep putting off blogging because there were things I wanted to show you and those things are still on my camera. But apparently they are not that important, because they are still on my camera!
We have been spending the majority of our time inside our house because of the weather. It's been very cold, which isn't a problem itself, but the cold has chosen to pair with either outragous wind or icy rain. So, i've been doing a lot of spinning. It seems to be the only thing that holds my interest, which I suppose is typical of a new craft. I still get this sinking feeling I'm not doing it quite right, so I'm planning on meeting up with another local spinner, Jordan, of Stricken Knits, to give me some pointers this weekend. On the spinning front, I spun through all of the fiber that came with my original spindle, spun through all the fiber I got a few days ago, ordered a new spindle that I'm picking up from the post office this morning, and then ordered two new batches of fiber from two etsy sellers yesterday, hoping that some of it will be here by this weekend for the aformentioned meeting with Jordan. I'm agonizing over what spinning accessories I really need. A ball winder? A Niddy Noddy? A swift? I'm such a novice, I don't want to purchase things I don't REALLY need. If you have suggestions, I'd appreciate them!
Also, I have been getting ready for a small local craft bazaar. I gathered up my stock and practiced laying it out, considered pricing and am aquiring all the other small things I will need for the show, like receipt books. I read a great page of tips this morning for craft shows. I originally saw the link at Marr's page.
And this week, Etsy, Your Place to Buy and Sell Handmade, is going to make craft and internet history on November 13th. On this day, Etsy sellers from around the world will get together to show their wares to a live audience in Etsy's Virtual Labs. Here you'll be able to meet the maker, learn about the process and even see them live in their studio via webcams! With the help of Etsy Teams (groups of sellers who join together to promote Etsy and their work) this is going to be the handmade shopping event of the season, and is not to be missed! Lincoln Handmade will be having their show at 7pm Central time, so DON'T MISS IT!!

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