Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crochet for Cleaning... And Love... Awww!

I just read Crafterella's latest blog post and now I am totally going to crochet a swifter cloth! I didn't even think about making one. What I did think of making were scrubby washcloths for Josh. He somehow managed to finally lose or destroy the microfiber ones I got him, so I thought- why not crochet some? I think I was inspired by the latest issue of craft magazine where they talk about crocheting acrylic scrubbies- how gentle they are, yet full of cleaning power. So, I crocheted him two round ones with 2 strands- one acrylic for scrubby, one cotton for absorbency. They have been working quite well thus far. I think when I make my swifter covers I will use an acrylic and cotton mix too! What do people use for a cleaning solution?
In other crafting news, I am debating getting some black wool roving and spinning some black yarn to crochet Josh a black beanie. I just would love him to have something so handmade and full of love that I did for him.

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