Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SAHM Interview with SnugBugClothing

Today is a great interview with SAHM SnugBugClothing!

Q. Being a SAHM, what are the financial goals for your etsy store? (To help support your family? To just support your craft? Etc.)
A. My ultimate financial goal for my Etsy business is to contribute finacially to my family. My intention is to run my business as a real business, not just a hobby, and as with any business I expect financial gain eventually. I belive that Etsy will make a fantastic addition to my existing website and wholesale business, and allow me to reach a broader market.

Q. Do your children help at all in your crafting or etsy store? If they aren't old enough, do you plan on having them help when they are older?
A. My son is only two so he doesn't help much at this point. Mind you, he is really great at cleaning up fabric scraps. That is, of course, if picking them up, running away with them, and scattering them all over the house counts as "cleaning". I don't plan to have him help when he's older - with the nature of my products I don't feel that there's much he can really help with. But he'll always be welcome to help with dinner!

Q. Do you have any tips for balancing children with an at-home job?
A. The best advice I can give in trying to balance children and an at-home job is to schedule your time. It can sometimes be too easy to become distracted by work and before you know it, the entire day is gone and you realize you haven't played with your kids. Play with your kids! It is great for clearing your mind to allow those new ideas to come through. I designate nap time every day as my work time, along with an hour or two after my son goes to bed. I don't like to work too much in the evenings as that is my "alone" time with my fiance. Designate time for each person and each task (including yourself!), and no one will feel neglected.

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