Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Totally Crazy

I've had this huge burst of business energy since returning from my trip to Colorado. I've redesigned my blog. Redid all the graphics for my two etsy stores. I bought a flickr pro account and have been uploading like crazy. I started a new project wonderful ad campaign. Basically I've made a recommitment to focusing on etsy instead of wasting time surfing the net. Though, I admit, I still do that a whole lot too! (Confession: I love reading celebrity gossip! I totally need to go to barnes n noble so I can Meet Vivienne & Knox Jolie-Pitt in the latest issue of People magazine.)
I've also been buying a lot of stuff. It's a friends and my moms birthday this month so I've made a few etsy purchases (Including two crocheted worms for myself. hehehe). I've also been dealing with two etsy disputes. Two people have not delivered goods to me so that's really sucked. Thankfully both orders were under $15, so if I never get a refund, I won't be out TOO much money.
So anyways, that's the most exciting news, other than my local etsy team, Lincoln Handmade, meets tonight. Hopefully that will be fun!

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BlenderBach said...

hah! i love celebrity gossip, too. I've been feeling a little emptier since my sister did away with her US weekly subscription.....